Our signature Jah Joy Sweet Chili Sauce was a “Covid Baby,” as they say.

During the early days of the pandemic amid preparing our new takeout menu featuring ‘box-friendly cuisine’, Chef/Owner Jared Hucks and his culinary team were preparing Sweet Chili Brussels Sprouts. They had run out of the store-bought Thai sweet chili sauce they’d been using as a component for this popular side dish. As Chef Jared had traveled extensively through SE Asia and lived in Thailand for two years before opening The Alden, he took to a fresh page in his recipe book and began instinctively jotting down ingredients for what would soon become their new, amazing house sweet chili sauce.  

By using a few high-quality ingredients such as dry Korean chili powder, palm sugar, fresh garlic, ginger, lime leaf and other key ingredients, they created a perfectly balanced sauce that is found to be an ideal component in a variety of dishes on our menu including (but not limited to!) Chicken Katsu, Pork Belly and Sweetbreads.  

Chef Jared and his team began producing large quantities of this sauce in their state-of-the-art kitchen at The Alden, bottling it for our guests to purchase and bring home.  They named it Jah Joy Sweet Chili Sauce, using his initials – Jared Alden Hucks – and Joy, for the pleasure they get in cooking for others. This is the same pleasure you’ll get when using this deliciously versatile sauce at home whether as a marinade, dipping sauce, a sub-ingredient to other recipes or just to add wonderful flavor to so many dishes.   

Our Jah Joy Sweet Chili Sauce is available in two sizes, the 8 oz bottle is priced at $10 and 16 oz bottle is $18.  Stop by and pick up a bottle Tuesday through Sunday from 5pm-9pm or join us for dinner and ask your server to put it on your dinner check.